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Architectural Review

Considering a home improvement project?  Per the Enclave’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants) various improvements require architectural review. Everyone in the neighborhood is legally bound to follow the Covenants as a condition of the purchase of property in the Enclave.  The reason for the Covenants is to protect property value in the neighborhood.
The Enclave Board is committed to following the intent of the Covenants and expects every applicable home improvement to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The Architectural Review Committee has 30 days to act from the day a full and complete application is submitted, but will likely meet more frequently to prevent unreasonable project delays.  
Failure to get approval for an improvement from the Architectural Review Committee may result in a covenant enforcement action.   You can find the Architectural Review Form below.  Please submit all ARC requests to Stephanie Stone, Managing Agent.  You can reach Stephanie through the 'Contact Us' page.
Example of items that require architectural review:
  • Removal of trees (except dead or trees fallen by storm)
  • Changes to exterior paint colors or shutter colors
  • Changes to the exterior materials of homes
  • Roof pitch and material changes
  • All fence installations (height, style, location, etc.)
  • Address labels on mailboxes and homes
  • Installation of an Awning
  • Mailbox alterations or replacement
  • Installation of pools or hot tubs
  • Installation of basketball goals
  • Installation of antennas and receivers
  • Changing or adding exterior light fixtures
  • Installation of play equipment that is over 8 feet in height or that is not directly behind the footprint of the home
Approved Paint Colors:
The Board & ARC have approved the Original and Refreshed JamesHardie Statement Collection color pallet for use in The Enclave.
Approved Shingle:
The original shingle installed on all homes in the Enclave is:  Owens Corning, Prominence AR, Driftwood. It is discontinued and no longer avialable.  
Since the original manufacturer no longer offers our shingles, the ARC has approved the following four shingles, which are a close match to what the homes in the Enclave have. They are:
  • Owens Corning (manufacturer), Oakridge (style), Driftwood (color)
  • Owens Corning, Duration, Driftwood
  • CertainTeed, Landmark, Weathered Wood
  • Tamko, Heritage 30, Weathered Wood
For the Tamko product, we suggest some sample shingle be checked against an existing roof.  They have an "oxford grey" and "Virginia slate" that seems fairly close to our roofs as well.  Similarly, the CertainTeed product might justify looking at sample shingles.  
If you select one of these 4 shingles types above, an architectural request would not be needed.  If there is another brand or type/color that we should consider, please submit a request.  Again, the shingles must match as closely as possible per the Covenants.